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Kapriss is a Belgium based enterprise creating luxury Jewellery & Watches. Founder originally comes from a Diamond background company in Antwerp since 1980. He has always been passionate about Art, Architecture, and modern designs. Started worked on creating most innovative designs first in creating special cuts in diamonds and then unique designs in Jewellery and now in creating the most exclusive watches. Creativity at Kapriss never stops and ideas keep coming that converts in to beauty of design.

He created the brand Kapriss in 2006 when he came up with the name KAPRISS from a French name CAPRICE which means “ Sudden Desire “ it fits the character of KAPRISS an abrupt change in feeling, opinion, or action, proceeding from some whim or fancy. Kapriss aesthetic philosophy is timeless with simplicity in designs, creating jewellery & Watches that surpass the feeling whims of fashion. Every piece of jewellery & Watches is made in our workshop or under our complete supervision. We know every fact and details of each piece we offer.

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